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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Photo: Kaja Crompton
Photo: Kaja Crompton

This Friday, December 6th 2019, we drop the new album from Zimbabwean artist Cris Gera.

The album, Nziyo Dziri Mandiri (Music In Me), is an afro-pop delight and it reveals Cris Gera’s passion for social justice and for questions that affects people’s daily life. His music is reflective of his surroundings and everyday life in his home country of Zimbabwe.

The album was recorded in South Africa in 2016. Later the same year Cris infuriated government supporters with the song Chema Zimbabwe - portraying some of the social and economic issues facing his country. Harassment and death threats forced Cris to take refuge in South Africa, later traveling as an ICORN musician to live and work as an artist in residence in Sweden.

Cris Gera brings up a lot of dark issues in his music, relevant, important ones. It makes you think, but through his vision and his sound, through the music in him, we move towards the light.

The album is released on all platforms this Friday, December 6th 2019.

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