Hamid Sakhizada upcoming release: Dai Raft

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Photo: Knut Utler

We are proud to announce a new artist in the LIDIO rooster, Hamid Sakhizada!

The Afghan virtuous has been working tirelessly to preserve his Hazara cultural heritage for years, paying a high price for his commitment. Playing the traditional dambura, and singing the songs of his people (a minority in Afghanistan), Hamid was subject to a series of violent threats and harassment that forced him to leave his country. He arrived as a Safe Haven guest musician in Harstad, Norway in 2016, where he has stayed and worked ever since.

This summer we recorded his first album since arriving in Norway, with the purpose of showing the world the beauty of Hamid's musicianship, and the Hazara tradition.

The album Dai Raft tells the story of ancient instruments and of traditions about to be forgotten. With help from an all-star team of musicians made up by Harpreet Bansal, Kaveh Mahmudiyan and Birger Mistereggen, Hamid brings the Hazara tradition into the 21st century.

Read more about Hamid here!

From left to right: Producer Bjørn Andor Drage, Birger Mistereggen, Hamid Sakhizada, Kaveh Mahmudiyan, Harpreet Bansal and studio technician Fridtjof Lindeman Photo: Knut Utler

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