Delightful summer vibes from Cris Gera!

New singel out August 14th!

Taking a step into the modern pop scene, Cris Gera follows up last year’s politically significant album "Music In Me" with the single "I Moved On". Cris continues to create uplifting melodies, while telling a hopeful story of love and what comes after.

The singel will be released on LIDIO August 14th, and is recorded at Dalbackavägen Musik & Produktion. The project is funded by BD POP.

LIDIO is a label dedicated to releasing music from artists, musicians and composers experiencing censorship, threats or persecution due to their musical activities. We are a sub label to Grappa Musikkforlag - Norway's largest independent record label. 




by Safemuse

c/o Sentralen, Pb. 183 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo, Norway

With support from:
MFO (The Norwegian Musicians Union)

NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)

The Norwegian Society of Composers

Nordic Culture Point