Hamid Sakhizada

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Hamid Sakhizada is a highly acknowledged musician from Afghanistan, specialized in the Hazara traditional music and the instrument dambura.

Hamid has a large fan base in Afghanistan and abroad, and has participated in the 2012 ABU Annual Song Contest and Afghan Star, the equivalent to the Idol song contest. He has performed in several countries, as well as having produced three albums.

Hamid's all-consuming passion for the Hazara music has cost him dearly. The Hazara-people is a minority in Afghanistan, and due to his tireless efforts to preserve the tradition, Hamid became subject to a steady campaign of threats and violent harassment from groups who oppose the minority Hazara culture, as well as from religious traditionalists. 


Hamid was forced to leave his country, and in 2016 he came as guest musician to Safe Music Haven Harstad, Norway, where he still lives and continues to perform his music openly and keeping the Hazara tradition alive. 

Dai Raft is released Nov 1st 2019. With help from an all-star team of musicians Hamid brings old traditions alive through new collaborations, interpretations and expressions. 



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Album - Dai Raft

Release - 01/11/2019 

Artist - Hamid Sakhizada


Vocals and dambura: Hamid Sakhizada

Violin: Harpreet Bansal

Jew’s harp and rope tensioned drum, percussion: Birger Mistereggen 

Tombak, daf and bandir: Kaveh Mahmudiyan 

Producer: Bjørn Andor Drage 

Sound technician and mix: Fridtjof Lindeman

Master: Audun Strype

Translations: Fatimah Rashedi and Nasim Feskrat


Recorded at Riksscenen - the Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance. 

Supported by Fond for utøvende kunstnere, the Norwegian Arts Council and CREO's Vederlagsfond. 

Special thanks to CREO and The Norwegian Society of Composers.