Album - Dissent - Live at Phù sa Lab

Release - 03/03/2018 

Artist - Mai Khoi Chem Gio

Mai Khoi Chem Gio is a trio consisting of:

Mai Khoi: singer, guitar, goong

Quyen Thien Dac: saxophones 

Nguyen Duc Minh: traditonal flute, percussion 

All music and Lyrics: Mai Khoi

Lyrics on Airdone: Benito del Sur

English lyrics and English vocals on Cuffed in freedom: Anna Högberg

Producer, mixing and mastering: Nguyễn Nhat Lý / Phù Sa Lab Studio, Hanoi


“This album was recorded live between 2016 and 2017 during secret performances at Phusa Lab. The resulting work bears the euphoria, courage, failures and threats which characterized this time. As such, it forms the soundtrack to an awakening, replete with heroes, villains, reversals and uneasy resolutions. And it is this awakening, now, that we continue to awaken from."


 - Mai Khoi, 10 February 2018, Hanoi